Painted Lady!

Insect painted lady 1

My granddaughters discovered that Painted Lady butterflies love chive blossoms!  There are several popular orange butterflies, including Monarchs and Red Admirals. To identify the Painted Lady, watch for orange wings with black spots and dramatic black tips with white polka dots on front wings.

insect painted lady 3

Not a large butterfly, the underside of the wings is more of a challenge. But you don’t need to wait very long for a butterfly to open its wings for you. And don’t give up too quickly if the butterfly flies away when you approach. There’s a good chance it will soon return to the flowers it was enjoying when you discovered it.

Joe Pie Weed! All a butterfly or bee’d ever need!

flower Joe Pie Weed

Joe Pie Weed! Joe Pie Weed! All a butterfly or bee’d ever need!

That’s one of my better attempts at poetry writing. There are at least 6 butterflies on the Joe Pie Weed. I can ID female tiger swallowtails and I think female black swallowtails. Not close enough to see all the bees! Joe Pie Weed stands 6 feet tall or more, usually in damp areas.


“Starving” osprey chick

Bird osprey chick hungry

Red Eye is screaming at top of her lungs from her nest-fortress. Both of her parents are in southern red oak above her eating channel catfish. Unlike nests where there are more than one chick fighting for food, she will enjoy the remains of both parents’ fishes.

bird osprey chick scope shot

This gives you an idea of what the original photo looked like, shot through telescope. She is perched on top of nest. Nest box alone is about 3 inches deep. Her nest is a true fortress.