Lesson In A Leaf

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leaf and twig

life asks
that we give away
little parts of ourselves

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Tracking the sun as it heads south

sunset behind Crainy

One of my favorite sunset marks is Crainy Island in the Potomac River. south of Washington, DC.  On 11/14/17 the sun set behind Crainy Island, a significant mark on my horizon view. A tiny island now, it used to be about 10 acres. A farmer moved his cows out to it in pairs of canoes, two hooves in each canoe, so they could spend the summer grazing there. Must ask my friend who paints cows if she would consider recreating the concept! Hope you can find places/ways to mark the sun’s progress also.

Sunset Crainy Island

Here’s  sunset the day before, 11/13/17.

Unexpected! Lady bug baby!

Insect Austin bug 1

Weird black bug with a furry red square on its back/abdomen has been enlarged A LOT. It is a Lady bug larva!!!!! Really!!!!!

Insect Austin bug 2

The Asian lady beetle (AKA Asian Lady Bug) larva resembles a small, spiny alligator with a blue-black body and two rows of small, orange to reddish spots on its back. Newly hatched, they are about 1/8 inch long and grow to about 0.5 inches.

When fully grown, the Asian lady beetle larva molts into a pupa then transforms itself into an adult beetle. The pupa is usually attached to a leaf or other substrate near an aphid colony. The pupa is orange with black spots and similar in size and shape to the adult.