Snapping turtle baby on the move!

Turtle snapper baby 6

I thought the mud-covered snapping turtle baby was dead on the road. Happily I was wrong. Like all kids, she obviously loves mud puddles!

Turtle snapper 5

She quickly headed off on her life journey!


Sedges have edges!

flower Sedge

Sedges have edges, Rushes are round, Grasses are hollow, What have YOU found?

This may be a type of umbrella sedge. (If you know what it is, please let me know!) Possibly the most wonderful thing about sedges is their triangular stem. When you feel the cross-sectional stem of a member of the mint family, its four edges create a square. When you feel a sedge stem, there are three edges, creating a triangle. How often have you encountered a plant with a triangular stem? Crazy! Also, if you look closely at the photo, you will see spider webs with tiny gnats caught in them.

Other related verses:

Sedges have edges, rushes are round, Grasses have nodes all the way to the ground.

Sedges have edges, rushes are round, Grasses wear robes all the way to the ground.

What’s next for the Accokeek Women’s Writing Group?

Meet the wonderful world of women writers in southern Maryland! Come join us!

The Women's Pages

IMG_5543Exciting changes for our local gathering of dedicated writers! We’re moving to a more collective structure, sharing more retreats, and continuing to build a diverse, passionate and supportive community!

The biggest shift is that we are sharing facilitation! Instead of one person running every meeting, each of us is stepping up to share our skills and passions, and lead the group.

We’ve put a new folder with instructions for leading a meeting, and sign up sheet for leaders, readers and mailing list. So if you want to step up, we’ve made it easy!

The best thing about this change is that each leader offers her strengths and passions, and we’re all learning so much in the process.

lsIf you haven’t joined us at the Accokeek Library, every second Monday of the month, from 1:15 to 3:15, come along! If you’re already a member, sign up to lead and read, and…

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