In case you’re looking for Halloween ideas, some of the brown spots on caterpillar’s back look like masks!


Have you looked at your crabgrass recently? Seeds are amazing! Plant designs make great costumes. I dressed as a bean sprout one year.


Find the grasshopper! And you thought grasshoppers were green!  Do they change colors like a chameleon?


How’s this for drama? Even the simplest moth is lovely!


Check out the Pearly Crescent’s antennae! Styling!

Since I spend more time searching for plants and animals than identifying them, your help providing more detailed identifications and corrections is greatly appreciated. And don’t forget to  check out my website,



Published by

Carrie Staples

Author, illustrator of "The Yarn Animal Book", probably the only craft book with instructions for making such unique yarn animals as an orangutan, an ant eater, a llama and a star-nosed mole and "The Single Minded Prince, a fairy tale for all ages about a boy and a pirate captain who both misbehave. The books and a booklet series based on each different yarn craft topic covered in "The Yarn Animal Book" (pompoms and other really easy yarn crafts, knitting, crocheting, rya, needlepoint and embroidery), are available on Amazon and Kindle.

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