Top center puffball mushroom is actually PUFFING spores! My #Walking Friend and I were on our daily #OptOutside yesterday, which included the goal of capturing puffballs puffing. As she gently tapped puffballs I tried to photograph the ‘puff’ over and over again. The ‘puff’ happens so quickly and disburses so fast that out of at least 8 attempts we got one photograph. It’s hard to see but check out the greenish, smoky haze in lower left quarter of photo. That fine dust is created by infinitesimal mushroom spores!


Since there were lots of puffballs I tried to get another photograph this morning, kicking them gently to release the spores. No luck . You’ll just have to find your own puffballs to kick. Please report success! BTW, did you know people make spore prints with mushrooms to help with identification?


Published by

Carrie Staples

Author, illustrator of "The Yarn Animal Book", probably the only craft book with instructions for making such unique yarn animals as an orangutan, an ant eater, a llama and a star-nosed mole and "The Single Minded Prince, a fairy tale for all ages about a boy and a pirate captain who both misbehave. The books and a booklet series based on each different yarn craft topic covered in "The Yarn Animal Book" (pompoms and other really easy yarn crafts, knitting, crocheting, rya, needlepoint and embroidery), are available on Amazon and Kindle.

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