How old are the Post-Its in your life? This one is about a year old. It was inspired by an article in the Washington Post last December or January entitled TYOUEU! We selected a simple but significant goal, to empty our freezer. We stuck a Post-It reminder on the refrigerator and settled back happily to complete what should have been a simple task.


Last week we made a minor alteration to the Post-It. Unfortunately, the term ‘minor alteration’ applies to the current status of the freezer also. Fortunately last year’s failures can be zeroed out in the New Year and 2017 will become “The Year Of REALLY Using Everything Up!”

Now let’s all go check our fading Post-Its from 2016 (and prior…)! What’s your most embarrassing  discovery?


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Carrie Staples

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  1. One of my most embarrassing discoveries is all the things I’ve bought twice because I just didn’t see first one, sitting right in front of me. Like the huge bottle of dish soap, the year’s supply from Costco.
    I now have 2 years’ worth. Or the Christmas I bought my son the exact same shirt I got him last year because it was such a great pattern of burnt orange plaid.


  2. this is hilarious! because I recognize the syndrome – I have several tattered post-its on my computer that have become invisible to me!

    I was just advised to write several for my bathroom mirror. but I’m not a hairdo or makeup person, so I rarely look in the mirror! Lets see if inspiring post-its help… Perhaps the world needs me to have more ‘good-hair’ days.


  3. Here’s another embarrassing thing. You run around frantically, looking for something, going faster and faster, complaining out loud, and repeating the places you’ve gone, until someone points out it’s there in plain site, just a little bit to the left or right of where you’ve been looking. That happened to me last night. I couldn’t find the second blue bag with my granddaughter’s pajamas etc in it. I really didn’t know how she was going to get home because I had washed her party dress which had gotten black paint on it. It was wet and she had no other clothes. I was trying to clean up the painting stuff, manage the fire place, and get some snacks all at once. I even ran outside in the cold dark car to double and triple check that her blue bag wasn’t there. When I got back in both kids had gone up to the kitchen and were pouring more hot chocolate. Just then, in come their Mommy and Dad. Cynthia found the blue bag on the floor about 2 yards from where we were painting and eating.


    1. Hi Natalile- Re. the lost blue bag, I have a drawer of kid clothes for just such emergencies. It is changing from baby stuff to older kid stuff.. Also I just read a recipe that suggests adding peanut butter to hot chocolate. Haven’t tried it yet. Did you get this?


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