37 backsides, an anatomy lesson & a Crayola Moment!!

flower orchid 37 backsides

37 backsides of Phaius Tankervilleae orchids viewed from the top. Wouldn’t you know, best lighting is from the back. Petals are like parasols!  Anatomy lesson: actually what I think of as petals are 3 sepals, remains of the original flower bud, and 2 petals. The “cup” part of the orchid is the lower (3rd) petal. It is used by the flower to provide a landing platform for its pollinator.

Flower orchid sketch

Here’s another Crayola Moment! I think there are 12 blooms on this stem. If I can’t count them, how can I possibly draw them?!

“Much of the reason orchids are so widespread is thanks in part to humans’ affinity for and desire to grow them. Mirenda thinks that the symmetry of the flower could have a lot to do with why people are so fond of orchids. An orchid has bilateral symmetry — like a human face — so if a line is drawn vertically down the middle of the flower, the two halves are mirror images of each other.

“When someone looks at an orchid, it looks back at you,” said Mirenda.”

“Chin up!”


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