Boat capsized in Potomac River near Pomonkey Point last Saturday night!

Fire dept boat rescue 1

Bryans Road Firemen quickly arrived at Pomonkey Point! Their bright lights turned night into day.

Fire dept boat rescue 4

Our local heroes came to rescue 6 kids, age 16-19. They were in a 16 foot boat trying to get back to Virginia from Pomonkey Creek. Their boat capsized after dark in the Potomac River in choppy, 48-degree water.

Fire dept boat rescue 3

The yard was all lit up and teams of rescuers raced to the water. A rescue boat and a helicopter also arrived at the scene quickly.

Fire dept boat rescue 2

Nobody in the capsized boat was wearing a life preserver. The condition and identities of the six have not been released. They were driven from the site in two ambulances. They all survived. It was too dark to tell (or to take photos), but the helicopter shined its bright light on the capsized craft and it looked to us like the police rescue boat then towed the boat away. The police took the opportunity to remind Maryland residents that anyone born on or after 7/1/72 is required to have a certificate of boating safety on them while on Maryland waters. I hope that regulation applies to Virginia residents also.


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