Forsythia sings a lovely spring song!

flower forsythia

Forsythia blossoms sing a lovely spring song as they wave a sunny goodbye to winter!

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Carrie Staples

Author, illustrator of "The Yarn Animal Book", probably the only craft book with instructions for making such unique yarn animals as an orangutan, an ant eater, a llama and a star-nosed mole and "The Single Minded Prince, a fairy tale for all ages about a boy and a pirate captain who both misbehave. The books and a booklet series based on each different yarn craft topic covered in "The Yarn Animal Book" (pompoms and other really easy yarn crafts, knitting, crocheting, rya, needlepoint and embroidery), are available on Amazon and Kindle.

2 thoughts on “Forsythia sings a lovely spring song!”

  1. I’ve seen you at seedbud’s place, and thought I should come visit. When I saw the forsythia, I sighed. I grew up in Iowa, and this was one of our first signs of spring. No forsythia in coastal Texas, except in the grocery stores!


    1. Don’t you love seedbud?!!! Can’t imagine what I’d do without spring flowers! Forsythia always reminds me of the huge bush at the corner of the house I grew up in in NJ. Welcome to my blog! I’m going to show several spring flowers that bloom in February in metro DC during several blogs starting in a few days.


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