Go fish!

Bird osprey chick mom 1

Red Eye (osprey chick) begs Pepper Dotty (mom) for fish. Pepper says what all mother osprey say to their chicks, “Go fish!”

bird osprey chick mom 2

Pepper continues to eat, ignoring her starving, miserable chick.

bird osprey chick mom 3

Red Eye continues to complain. Pepper ‘hoods’ her fish. Dart (dad) flies to nest off camera.

Bird Osprey chick mom 4

Red Eye flies to nest but Dart is already gone and there was no fish left in the nest. Help!!

osprey chick mom 5

Suddenly Pepper drops to the nest to deliver fish remains to her chick and Red Eye starts eating immediately.

bird osprey chick mom 6

Happy Red Eye will survive another day! Thanks, Mom!


4 Mockingbird chicks, 1 starving!

Bird mocker babies

Once hidden in an apple tree, a lovely nest of 4 mockingbird chicks grows louder every day, drawing attention from endless predators. At this stage the chicks are mostly mouth! Mom and dad are constantly busy feeding and defending their gang.  We barely survived their attacks as we took a quick photo yesterday afternoon.

bird mocker chicks 2

Here they are this morning, twice as big as yesterday. Look carefully for 4 heads.  My husband is taking these photos because he is taller.

Mayflies in June!

Insect mayfly good

Yesterday this lovely mayfly selected our kitchen door for a special event…

insect mayfly molted

A perfect molting location! This morning the mayfly was gone! Just like a soft shell crab, it had left it’s outgrown shell behind!  …unless some locals from around Lake Victoria found it before it flew away and made  it part of a favorite protein-rich patty called ‘Kungu’… I love soft shell crabs so maybe…?

Breakfast is one of my three favorite meals!


I decided to list all the components of my breakfast one morning. There were 19 separate components. A normal person would have had 20 components. Oops! I forgot salt and I am avoiding pepper right now! So a normal person would have had 22 components because most civilized people eat their eggs off a dish. I eat them directly out of the frying pan to avoid more dishwashing.  Should I add a tag to the teabag for clarification even though my teabags don’t have tags? And for those of you  who believe in being prepared, I didn’t include a napkin because I didn’t need one, though it was in easy reach. Please let me know if you think I should have included the kitchen sink, faucet, water, dish soap, dish brush and dish washer. I don’t bother with dish towels. What else did I miss?