More than a little crazy!

Flowers Daffy + maple

Crazy daffodils plus crazy maple seeds make a crazy arrangement! A new way to mix and match and find your happy place! Everybody gets so excited about cherry blossoms. Maples are blooming at the same time!


Ever wonder what the dance floor looks like after a black vulture party?

Bird black vultures

Ever wonder what the floor looks like after a dozen or so black vultures have gone home after the dance was over?


Follow the sunset as it heads south in the winter!

Sunset 10-18-17

There is a little black finger sticking out on the left side of the horizon line above that marks the sun’s last stop on it’s southward journey on 12/21, the winter solstice. It is getting close! It’s still warm here in the mid-Atlantic but pretty soon we’ll all want to join the sun and head south!



How old are the Post-Its in your life? This one is about a year old. It was inspired by an article in the Washington Post last December or January entitled TYOUEU! We selected a simple but significant goal, to empty our freezer. We stuck a Post-It reminder on the refrigerator and settled back happily to complete what should have been a simple task.


Last week we made a minor alteration to the Post-It. Unfortunately, the term ‘minor alteration’ applies to the current status of the freezer also. Fortunately last year’s failures can be zeroed out in the New Year and 2017 will become “The Year Of REALLY Using Everything Up!”

Now let’s all go check our fading Post-Its from 2016 (and prior…)! What’s your most embarrassing ┬ádiscovery?