The artist must have seen this live!

frog on turtle

I can’t believe anyone made this up! The artist must have seen it happen! Isn’t life wonderful? You never know what you’re going to see next. I have seen frogs piled on top of each other in vernal pools. But a frog on a turtle? Not yet! Thank you to the artist who created this carving hundreds of years ago!

Is frog as green as grass or is grass as green as frog?

frog green tree

Is a green tree frog as green as grass or is grass as green as a green tree frog? The deadly cuteness strikes again. Those little toes! I think that might be its ear behind its eye. Wish I could remember these details! I could watch them all day! They are easy to catch if one happens to get into your house and quite sturdy so you probably won’t hurt them. ¬†You must catch them as soon as you see them because they dry out quickly indoors. Also please watch carefully when you open and close sliding glass doors. These frogs like to hide in crevices around doors and windows.