Sun flying north!

Left photo shows sun setting at Indian Head on December 21, 2017, at the Winter Solstice. In same photo, you can see Crainy Island, a tiny spot in the Potomac River to the right of the sun. The right-hand photo shows sun setting directly behind Crainy Island on January 25, 2018. Next major stop in my visual sun progression markings is at High Point in VA. That should happen in roughly 6 weeks. Must look it up. Major visual point after that is at Hallowing Point, VA. Sun will reach Hallowing Point around March 21, 2018.  I normally use the first house on Hallowing Point as my special marker, rather than the tip of Hallowing Point because the sun sets just about at that house on my daughter’s birthday, 3/24 and then on its return trip south near my son’s birthday, 9/17.

Sunset 10-22-17

If you can enlarge this photo, Indian Head, Crainy Island, High Point and Hallowing Point can be found.

My friends call me Wolfy!

Insect spider wolf

I wasn’t expecting paparazzi when I slipped out to enjoy a pleasant winter thaw. I thought my camouflage was more than sufficient. Feel free to call me Wolfy!

January 21, 2018 provided a pleasant and unexpected winter thaw!

Is frog as green as grass or is grass as green as frog?

frog green tree

Is a green tree frog as green as grass or is grass as green as a green tree frog? The deadly cuteness strikes again. Those little toes! I think that might be its ear behind its eye. Wish I could remember these details! I could watch them all day! They are easy to catch if one happens to get into your house and quite sturdy so you probably won’t hurt them.  You must catch them as soon as you see them because they dry out quickly indoors. Also please watch carefully when you open and close sliding glass doors. These frogs like to hide in crevices around doors and windows.

Blue flowers in autumn

Flower VA Dayflower

The Virginia Dayflower is one of my favorite blue flowers in autumn. It is a perennial herbaceous plant, native to the mideastern and southeastern US. It is important to count the blue petals. The Virginia Dayflower has 3 blue petals. The Asiatic Dayflower has only 2 blue petals, plus a tiny white one. They bloom now too, often close to each other in wet soil,  and are a deeper blue.

Why is this called the pink-striped oakworm moth?! Oh. Duh.

Insect Moth pink striped oak

Don’t you think “Sunset Moth” would be more appropriate than “Pink-striped Oakworm Moth”? Maybe not. Now that I look at it again there is a prominent pink stripe. It was on my kitchen screen door this morning offering a photo opportunity. It is a species of silk moth of the family Saturniidae and is considered a pest of forests because it defoliates trees. Primarily a pest of the urban forest, it is fairly common but not often abundant. Maybe that’s why I don’t recall seeing it before today. Adults do not feed. Males and females both have the white spot on wings. When I Googled it, I discovered lots of people take pictures of this colorful moth. One article said they don’t have antennae but I found a photo with lovely feather-like orange antennae.