What to do with that pile of magazines?

craft woven paper

Shred some colorful magazine pages and weave the strips together. I had fun making greeting cards yesterday out of slightly heavy weight, glossy pages. If you have any ideas about shredding, weaving and gluing techniques, please share!

Craft Woven paper 1

I particularly like looking at them from a distance. They sort of start to look like real art!



Matisse started creating his wonderful paper cut out collages when he turned 70 and found scissors easier to handle than paint brushes. I decided to explore his concepts myself.


Here is my inspiration for the flower design. It is located in the newly renovated East Building of the National Gallery of Art.


This design appealed to me because of its simplicity of form and color.


You can do it too. Here are all the necessary supplies:


Nothing but scissors, blank greeting cards and adhesive-backed foam sheets. Not even any glue or pencils required! Can you imagine anything simpler?!


So now I’m happily making the world’s fastest homemade colorful, squishy Christmas cards! Please send photos of yours!