Nobody’s perfect…

Leaf colors

Maple leaves are a special treat in the mid-Atlantic. This one is all mixed up! Craft suggestion: Start collecting the best colors now and press them in a book. They will make beautiful decorations on your Thanksgiving table. I even stuck them and some wonderful  Sweet Gum stars on a big cactus to turn it into our Christmas tree many years ago.

Thank you for helping count orchids!


As a way of saying thank you to all of you volunteers who helped with the very difficult task of counting orchids, and for those who missed the prior publication of this sketch, here’s a Crayola Moment for you!

Flower phaius sketch

Color suggestion: vanilla, chocolate and raspberry!

What to do with that pile of magazines?

craft woven paper

Shred some colorful magazine pages and weave the strips together. I had fun making greeting cards yesterday out of slightly heavy weight, glossy pages. If you have any ideas about shredding, weaving and gluing techniques, please share!

Craft Woven paper 1

I particularly like looking at them from a distance. They sort of start to look like real art!