Painted Lady hangs on

Butterfly painted lady

She (ID book didn’t distinguish sex) may be old and faded but this painted lady is in pretty good shape for her age and is still here in mid-October. Maybe she’ll hang around until the first frost. I watched one fly low over the lawn, glowing in the sunlight as it searched for sorrel, followed faithfully by a little orange skipper.


Elderly butterflies

Butterfly swallowtail old

Check out what remains of the swallowtails and the rear wing edges of this old female tiger swallowtail. (You recognize a female because she wears a blue skirt.)

Butterfly black swallow old 2

Here is the back edge of her faded and torn front wing.

Butterfly black swallow old

And here she is, her whole self, happily feasting on butterfly bush blossoms. Look closely at the next butterfly you see. Check for damage. Sometimes you’ll find a butterfly well able to fly in spite of having lost most of a rear wing to a bird that missed its juicy body.