Sunset over frozen Potomac River

sunset on ice

Sunset over frozen Potomac River is beyond imagining! My granddaughter asked what was wrong with the water. It wasn’t moving!

Rosemary for remembrance

Flower rosemary

Add rosemary to the list of flowers still in bloom after several hard frosts in December in southern MD. Guess I need to look more carefully. Wish I could pass along the aroma. Do you cook with fresh rosemary?

Happy Easter! The dogwood legend:

Flower Dogwood.jpg

Dogwood is one of our most spectacular native flowering trees. It follows soon after the unique native redbud bursts into bloom.  You would have missed out on seeing the delicate new leaf if I’d removed my thumb from the photo so please check the leaf too… There is an amazing Southern story about the dogwood tree. According to legend, the cross on which Christ was crucified was made from a dogwood tree. Because of that, God cursed the tree. He made it too small to ever be used to build  a cross for crucifixion again. But he also blessed it, allowing it to be covered in beautiful white blossoms to announce and celebrate Easter. Following the tradition, my dogwood is in full bloom. Best wishes to you and your loved ones for a wonderful Easter!

What a difference a day makes!


Bradford pear blossoms are everywhere today!  They are the perfect tear-drop shaped trees in heavy bud or flower like snowstorms all along the edges of practically every main road and highway in the area. I think they are most dense between DC and Baltimore.  These invasive trees are the first to bloom in the spring and the last to shed their colorful red, yellow, orange and purple leaves  in the fall. The tough leaves thickly blanket the ground, preventing all other plants from growing anywhere near them. One of the reasons you don’t want to plant them in your yard is their trunks break easily in a strong wind. FYI, after discovering them in China, Mr.Bradford loaded his tree specimens on a ship but passed away before he could travel back to the United States. Unfortunately his trees made it safely.

flower-bradford-pearYesterday they were just getting started around here. They are FAST!

That couldn’t possibly be an eagle!

Who ever heard of a bald eagle with a brown head and a white belly? Eagles have white heads and dark brown bellies, don’t they? Adult eagles do. But eagles don’t reach adulthood until they are about 5 years old. Baby eagles and juvenile eagles go through many stages of color combinations as they molt their way to maturity. Those two birds above are not ospreys or peculiar vultures. They are juvenile eagles. Check the pair out as they enjoy the view from a sycamore tree!



Looks like an eagle in reverse…


Check out the bent-over neck and head of this one. The first eagle has a brown head but this eagle’s feathers are mixed brown and white. Remind yourself when bird-watching, if the body is as big as an eagle’s, it probably is an eagle! Then try to figure out whether it is one, two, three or four years old or if it is a mature adult.