“Starving” osprey chick

Bird osprey chick hungry

Red Eye is screaming at top of her lungs from her nest-fortress. Both of her parents are in southern red oak above her eating channel catfish. Unlike nests where there are more than one chick fighting for food, she will enjoy the remains of both parents’ fishes.

bird osprey chick scope shot

This gives you an idea of what the original photo looked like, shot through telescope. She is perched on top of nest. Nest box alone is about 3 inches deep. Her nest is a true fortress.

Guess which osprey chick has been fed!

Baby birds scream until they are too full to move. So an osprey chick with a full stomach is quiet.

bird osprey chick full 2

Red Eye is so full she can focus on grooming. But there is still an osprey survival lesson in progress. Mom retrieved the scrap of fish Red Eye didn’t finish in the nest, brought it up to her favorite eating branch and is now demonstrating that there was more food to be had from Red Eye’s discards.

bird osprey chick full 4

Red Eye is observing mom’s thoroughness. Maybe next time there will be fewer left-overs for mom.

What do you call a wasp piggy-back ride?

insects wasps 3a

Female wasp giving piggy-back ride to males! Sometimes they carry 2 males on their backs. Please look closely. You can count 6 antennae lower left, just under stack of 3 heads. And 3 abdomens are easy to count on the right. ┬áSimilar triple-decker photos were in an earlier blog. These photos demonstrate that it isn’t such a rare occurrence.

Insects wasps 3

Reminds me of a circus act! Please share with your buggy friends.


Lumberjack’s toilet paper

flower mullein

Mullein or Lumberjack’s toilet paper usually grows straight and tall, often in the shape of a candelabra lit with lovely yellow blossoms. For some unknown reason this group of plants followed a remarkably snake-like direction instead. I wonder if they will grow the same way in the same location next year. FYI, the toilet paper reference is to the broad, soft, velvety leaves the plant thoughtfully provides for the traveler or passing lumberjack in need. The leaves were also cut into rectangles and used as blankets in dollhouses. If you find the lovely whorls of early stage plants toward Christmas, save some of the small leaves, dry them and tie them together in bunches with ribbon to decorate your tree.