“Starving” osprey chick

Bird osprey chick hungry

Red Eye is screaming at top of her lungs from her nest-fortress. Both of her parents are in southern red oak above her eating channel catfish. Unlike nests where there are more than one chick fighting for food, she will enjoy the remains of both parents’ fishes.

bird osprey chick scope shot

This gives you an idea of what the original photo looked like, shot through telescope. She is perched on top of nest. Nest box alone is about 3 inches deep. Her nest is a true fortress.

Go fish!

Bird osprey chick mom 1

Red Eye (osprey chick) begs Pepper Dotty (mom) for fish. Pepper says what all mother osprey say to their chicks, “Go fish!”

bird osprey chick mom 2

Pepper continues to eat, ignoring her starving, miserable chick.

bird osprey chick mom 3

Red Eye continues to complain. Pepper ‘hoods’ her fish. Dart (dad) flies to nest off camera.

Bird Osprey chick mom 4

Red Eye flies to nest but Dart is already gone and there was no fish left in the nest. Help!!

osprey chick mom 5

Suddenly Pepper drops to the nest to deliver fish remains to her chick and Red Eye starts eating immediately.

bird osprey chick mom 6

Happy Red Eye will survive another day! Thanks, Mom!


Red Eye, osprey chick, fledged 7/15!

Bird osprey chick fledged

Here’s Red Eye, back at her nest, the morning after she fledged. Her parents will continue to feed her while she learns how to fish. Check out her wing and breast spots. There is a doe on the far shore, probably about 1/4 mile away.


bird osprey chick fledged 2

Pictures taken with an I-phone peeking thru a telescope may not be the best quality but at least you can see what’s happening.

One baby osprey

Bird osprey baby

This out of focus photo shows from left to right, baby Red Eye, dad Dart and mom Pepper Dotty. We believe Red Eye hatched 5/14 and should have fledged a few days ago, inspiring the following:

An only child                                                                                                                                       So always under                                                                                                                       Parents’ watchful eye

She eats and naps                                                                                                                            And eats again                                                                                                                                  And barely moves a thigh.

Have you ever heard                                                                                                                         Of a baby bird                                                                                                                                 Who got too fat to fly?

The following photo, taken 7/10, shows Red Eye finally doing wing exercises. If your wings were that long, imagine how heavy they must be! It would probably take you awhile to  start flying exercises too!

bird osprey baby wings

“H”opt outside! Bunnies are big this year per us and WashPost!

bunny 3

A “5-bunny” morning is pretty common here in southern MD. Even a “9-bunny” morning isn’t out of the question. Watching these crepuscular critters hop and gambol around the yard is such a treat!

Photos of bunny who was willing to pose, letting me get quite close. I wonder if it has hearing or vision issues because John reported similar visit with rabbit in same location.

bunny 1

Bunny 2

Note tick on ear- a reminder to all of us to check carefully!