Today, tomorrow, yesterday & next year!

Today, tomorrow, yesterday and next year are all in the above photos. See upper right over opening morning glory to find the swirling bud waiting to unfurl tomorrow and the  red dot remainder of yesterday’s collapsed blossom. Right hand photo shows the seed pod that will soon burst and drop it’s treasures to the ground where they will spend the winter waiting to feel the spring sun’s call.


“Starving” osprey chick

Bird osprey chick hungry

Red Eye is screaming at top of her lungs from her nest-fortress. Both of her parents are in southern red oak above her eating channel catfish. Unlike nests where there are more than one chick fighting for food, she will enjoy the remains of both parents’ fishes.

bird osprey chick scope shot

This gives you an idea of what the original photo looked like, shot through telescope. She is perched on top of nest. Nest box alone is about 3 inches deep. Her nest is a true fortress.