Ospreys at work in early morning light-

bird osprey new nest

Up before sunrise, this osprey pair is busy constructing nest in a new location… on the eagle mating tree at the mouth of Pomonkey Creek where it enters the Potomac River. Not sure the osprey have selected a good location for a nest. But we have a good view of the site so we will continue to observe their progress.

Our first osprey of the season arrived!

One of the most exciting events in our lives is the annual return of the osprey pair who nest on our point. Not a clear photo (through scope through window), but we think this is the male, Dart, short for D’Artagnan. If an osprey could break the sound barrier, it would be Dart! Normally the female returns first. We are waiting for a better frontal view to confirm whether it is Dart or Pepper Dotty, daughter of Polka Dotty.