Tracking the sun as it heads south

sunset behind Crainy

One of my favorite sunset marks is Crainy Island in the Potomac River. south of Washington, DC.  On 11/14/17 the sun set behind Crainy Island, a significant mark on my horizon view. A tiny island now, it used to be about 10 acres. A farmer moved his cows out to it in pairs of canoes, two hooves in each canoe, so they could spend the summer grazing there. Must ask my friend who paints cows if she would consider recreating the concept! Hope you can find places/ways to mark the sun’s progress also.

Sunset Crainy Island

Here’s  sunset the day before, 11/13/17.

What could possibly happen in 15 minutes?

What could possibly happen in 15 minutes? The photos above were taken at 5 PM and 5:15 PM. Try it yourself. Take a photo of anything. Then take a photo of the same thing 15 minutes later. What has changed? Amazing! Please let me know what you chose to photograph. (Photos were taken 2/8/17)

A Confusion of Clouds!


Most of the time when I look at the sky I see a Confusion of Clouds. Because of a blog I did a few days ago I may have learned something. This lovely sunset is definitely not the “Red sky at Night- Sailor’s delight” type. I assumed it meant rain was coming. But I didn’t know how much rain to expect. This sunset was followed by 4 full days of rain, fog and absolute grayness! Here are two more shots as the sunset progressed to help  you remember for the next time a sunset sky like this appears. Will it be followed by 4 days of bad weather?



Notice there was still blue sky peeking between the cloud-rolls. Maybe stratocumulus? The sun was almost completely covered.

On the 5th morning the sun was shining. The sky was blue and the puffy cotton clouds looked like fair weather cumulus to my uneducated eye. So I was expecting a lovely day. I didn’t bother to take a picture. But 2 hours later I am blogging and the sky looks like this!


High stratocumulus maybe? The sun is playing peek-a-boo, trading bright sun with gray shade.  We’ll have to wait to see what this sky is plotting! If you know the real names of any of the clouds in these photos, please let me know so I can share with readers.