Helicopters, earrings or parrot beaks?

Tree Swamp maple

These are Swamp Maple seed pods. We have all watched maple trees drop seed pods in pairs that twirl like tiny helicopter blades as they spin toward the ground.  Now most young girls have pierced ears. But when I was a kid and we wanted earrings, we split open the seed part of the maple helicopters and carefully stuck them on our ear lobes. My neighbor who is 96 said when she was a kid they stuck them on top of their noses and called them parrot noses.  I had never heard of that! I wonder how many kids today have even heard of making maple pod earrings, much less parrot noses!

Who has seen the wind?


If you live along the waterfront you get to observe the power of the wind and/or its aftermath more often than you would like. Normally in an upright position, the heavy teak table braced the very heavy teak bench so it would not blow over. A recent blast pushed them both over and completely rearranged them, leaving a suspended reminder that the wind had visited and laughed at our feeble efforts to maintain order..