Celebrating the end of February, 2018!

Thank you to the warm weather at the end of February, 2018, for an amazing opportunity to see the magical flowers that bloom only when the sun kisses them. Should they be called winter flowers or spring flowers?


The artist must have seen this live!

frog on turtle

I can’t believe anyone made this up! The artist must have seen it happen! Isn’t life wonderful? You never know what you’re going to see next. I have seen frogs piled on top of each other in vernal pools. But a frog on a turtle? Not yet! Thank you to the artist who created this carving hundreds of years ago!

Japanese apricots bloom in February!

Where else would a bee be but at Tudor Place, DC where spring comes early in February? I had no idea! My mouth fell open at the sight! It was definitely a banner year for this early bloomer. The fortunate tree and the gleeful bees took advantage of a shocking break from winter as temperatures hit the 80s. We stood there amazed, in a late February snowfall of pink petals.

Our first osprey of the season arrived!

One of the most exciting events in our lives is the annual return of the osprey pair who nest on our point. Not a clear photo (through scope through window), but we think this is the male, Dart, short for D’Artagnan. If an osprey could break the sound barrier, it would be Dart! Normally the female returns first. We are waiting for a better frontal view to confirm whether it is Dart or Pepper Dotty, daughter of Polka Dotty.