Turn around slowly so I can see all of you. OK. That’s enough. I was looking for someone with wings. Since you don’t have wings, please leave. Thank you. praying-mantis

Good day!

One of you was admiring my abdomen pattern design. Thank you. Here is a close-up:


I like it too.  Please say hi and start to follow me!

New Blog Site for Carrie Staples

Prince_in_nest_illustration_Redraw Welcome to my blog site named carriestaples.wordpress.com!  My goal is to share daily drawings, photographs and adventures. This is an illustration from The Single-Minded Prince. It was almost the cover of the book. It won the popular vote. But the final cover drawing features my beloved cat, Gray Malkin Stutterfoot, who, along with the prince, is also one of the heroes of the story. In my heart, my cat was the winner no matter what anyone else thought. Please let me know your opinion.