Have you been to the dentist recently?

Fish catfish teeth

Look closely and you’ll find a dentist ant working on this accidental catfish jaw. Eagles are so good at discarding the parts they don’t want to eat, like this jaw full of teeth. It’s interesting to see how many fish parts they discard in the road.


Red Eye, osprey chick, fledged 7/15!

Bird osprey chick fledged

Here’s Red Eye, back at her nest, the morning after she fledged. Her parents will continue to feed her while she learns how to fish. Check out her wing and breast spots. There is a doe on the far shore, probably about 1/4 mile away.


bird osprey chick fledged 2

Pictures taken with an I-phone peeking thru a telescope may not be the best quality but at least you can see what’s happening.

One baby osprey

Bird osprey baby

This out of focus photo shows from left to right, baby Red Eye, dad Dart and mom Pepper Dotty. We believe Red Eye hatched 5/14 and should have fledged a few days ago, inspiring the following:

An only child                                                                                                                                       So always under                                                                                                                       Parents’ watchful eye

She eats and naps                                                                                                                            And eats again                                                                                                                                  And barely moves a thigh.

Have you ever heard                                                                                                                         Of a baby bird                                                                                                                                 Who got too fat to fly?

The following photo, taken 7/10, shows Red Eye finally doing wing exercises. If your wings were that long, imagine how heavy they must be! It would probably take you awhile to  start flying exercises too!

bird osprey baby wings

Mockingbird fledgling!

bird mocker fledge

Mockingbird fledgling may be out of focus but it is out in the world, clinging to an apple tree branch! Since John caught this photo 6/18 we have seen it, or one or more of it’s nest mates,  hopping around on our deck, getting fed by their always diligent parents and, within a few days of leaving the nest, actually flying all the way from the deck to the dawn redwood!

4 Mockingbird chicks, 1 starving!

Bird mocker babies

Once hidden in an apple tree, a lovely nest of 4 mockingbird chicks grows louder every day, drawing attention from endless predators. At this stage the chicks are mostly mouth! Mom and dad are constantly busy feeding and defending their gang.  We barely survived their attacks as we took a quick photo yesterday afternoon.

bird mocker chicks 2

Here they are this morning, twice as big as yesterday. Look carefully for 4 heads.  My husband is taking these photos because he is taller.