I Saw 3 Ships Come Sailing In!

Merry Christmas 3 ships

“I saw three ships come sailing in on Christmas Day, on Christmas Day!

I saw three ships come sailing in, on Christmas Day in the morning!”

This wonderful old traditional tune was published by William Sandys in 1833 with several other beloved favorites in a book titled “Carols Ancient & Modern”.

Singing Christmas carols is a great way to celebrate the holiday. Merry Christmas to all!

Everyone has a Christmas Cactus. We have a Christmas Dandelion!

Flower dandelion

In my search for flowers blooming in southern Maryland in December, I was greeted by a sunny, very short-stemmed dandelion! The pond is frozen but this flower seems perfectly happy. I wish my camellias looked as happy as this dandelion.   How far North do they bloom in December?

Did you get this blog post Thursday?