‘Apologies to Robyn!’, ‘Belly up to the bar!’ or ‘Duck!’ Name this photo.


Could this be a Forage Looper, Robyn?  This moth was on the outside of my kitchen window on the morning of 1/26/17. Still dark. Approximately 39 degrees fahrenheit. Gone before sunrise so I didn’t get a top view.


Or is this a Forage Looper? Inside, after sunrise but no idea of temperature. HELP!


Notice how different the antennae and legs are, and how each moth holds its wings when at rest. Suddenly we’re face to face with moth ID clues!  I’m not sure  I’m up to the challenge, knowing that 11,000 kinds of moths have been recorded in the United States and Canada…

Last night and this morning

“Last night and this morning” is actually “Night before last and this morning”… But yesterday morning was gray, foggy and raining also, just like this morning.  Cloud-watchers please take note! Those sunset clouds indicated rain was coming.  Since it remains gray and drizzly today, those clouds indicated that the sun was planning at least a two-day vacation. Can’t wait for tonight and tomorrow morning!