Today, tomorrow, yesterday & next year!

Today, tomorrow, yesterday and next year are all in the above photos. See upper right over opening morning glory to find the swirling bud waiting to unfurl tomorrow and the  red dot remainder of yesterday’s collapsed blossom. Right hand photo shows the seed pod that will soon burst and drop it’s treasures to the ground where they will spend the winter waiting to feel the spring sun’s call.


4-Leaf Clover substitute!

flower field sorrel 6 petal

Instead of finding a 4-leaf clover I found a 6-petal sorrel blossom! I’ve never seen a 6-petal sorrel before!!!

Not sure if this is called field sorrel or wood sorrel. AKA oxalis. Wild edible weed. Lemony flavored shamrock-like leaves. Flowers good too.

In case you wondered what a painted turtle’s chin looks like…

turtle painted chin

In case you wondered what a painted turtle’s chin looks like, here’s a heads-up from one on 9/27/17, catching the rays on last warmest day of the season.

Turtle painted

Photo of pair of painted turtles sunning on log securely stuck in hydrilla in Potomac River, south of DC.  It’s a long shot, more than 100 yards, taken with iphone through scope. There is a second turtle behind first.