Spider web was actually goose down!

Apologies! Live and learn! I went back to check the frozen “spider webs”  after they had melted. Much to my amazement the under-structure of the “chandeliers” was goose down, not spider webs!

Who would have dreamed? Magic is created in the most unexpected ways!

Meet the invaders!

Man in woods

Men have been in forests forever. And there is no escaping reminders of our presence.  I won’t interfere with a surveyor’s tape but if you pick up whatever trash you can, you won’t ever see it again! You don’t need anyone but yourself to pat you on the back for removing trash. You know it’s gone. The next time you walk there, that trash won’t interfere with your enjoyment. Seeing trash that is out of my reach is very aggravating and I often spend way too much time trying to figure out a solution. But solving that kind of problem is so rewarding! Fellow pickers: keep  up the good work! And Merry Christmas!

Urgent: Find the Winter Solstice sunset!

Sunset 12 19

Try to get a sunset view tonight or tomorrow night! The Winter Solstice is 12/21. But my husband says tonight is the longest night and it’s supposed to be cloudy here.  Photo is of 12/20 sunset. Tonight it will set a little bit to the left of where it is in photo. Then the sun will pause and return to the north.

Please let me know if your sunset search is successful!