5 second sketches…

bird common merganser fem

If one is into recording observations from nature mostly as drawings vs. words, is there a difference between art and journaling? The sketches that fill my countless nature journals tend to take between 5 and 45 seconds, most closer to 5 like this one. I heard a song lyric yesterday that said something like, “You always build it better the second time…” So I wonder if the value of a sketch increases if you take the time to draw it again. For example, I realize now that maybe the water line around this common merganser female should not curl around behind her but go straight out behind her to better indicate her forward movement. And should she have an eyeball? And should I get out my color pencils or watercolors to share her dark red head and foggy gray body with you? And will I ever get over thinking that sketches that take a half hour or more are much better than my usual quickies? Does it matter?… aka. who cares?

Great Blue Herons in the cold!

bird GBH journal

We couldn’t have kayaked up Pomonkey Creek during the Christmas bird count. It was frozen solid. But our local Great Blue Herons didn’t want to miss the count. They were huddled together in the marsh, hiding from the frigid North wind. How many can you count?

You never know when someone might be watching you!

Drawing- renter at hollow log

John recently pulled a great big hollow log up from the river. It has attracted quite a bit of attention. Ground hugs run through it regularly. A person might be able to wriggle through if we can figure out how to knock some of the insides out… Friend took photos from both ends! Wonder what her photographs look like. I’m going to have to take some of my own!

“H”opt outside! Bunnies are big this year per us and WashPost!

bunny 3

A “5-bunny” morning is pretty common here in southern MD. Even a “9-bunny” morning isn’t out of the question. Watching these crepuscular critters hop and gambol around the yard is such a treat!

Photos of bunny who was willing to pose, letting me get quite close. I wonder if it has hearing or vision issues because John reported similar visit with rabbit in same location.

bunny 1

Bunny 2

Note tick on ear- a reminder to all of us to check carefully!