Remember box turtle with camel on shell? Thought I found him again!

turtle box camel cora 3

Here he is at Cora’s, on Fenwick Road, on 6/24/17, 1/2 mile from prior sighting on 6/6.

turtle box camel cora 2

So exciting to be able to recognize a box turtle!! Feeling like a very proud naturalist, I dug up the prior photos from 6/6 to show you and verify my sighting.

Turtle box camel

Here he was 6/6/17 at Greg’s, on Fenwick Road. OMG! It’s not the same turtle! How could there be 2 turtles in the world with camel patterns in same location on shell? They both have camels but the 6/24 turtle has a sun over the camel!

Turtle box camel 2

What else am I missing? Do all box turtles look alike?! Not according to a friend who reported finding a box turtle with an eagle pattern.

Wasp Sandwich!

A pile of Polistes wasps. Left photo is top view. See all 3 heads lined up like beads. Right photo is side view. That’s where you can see more clearly what is really happening. Crazy! Bottom wasp is smaller female. The pile moved around, climbing and flying. All the climbing and flying was done by the female with the males remaining on top of her. When I Googled it, someone said they’d seen a pile of 4 wasps. These photos are dedicated to my friend Tom Cullen to wish him a happy birthday!