Reflection on double pane window

Reflection on double pane

The distance is fun but the closer it gets, the more the reflection turns into nausea.


Grub walks on its back, belly-up, legs pointed skyward!

Insect June beetle grub on back

I thought I was losing my mind. A strange looking ‘caterpillar’ was racing down the road beside me and I could have sworn it was upside down…

Turns out “The grubs (of the June beetle) have an unusual habit of crawling on their backs rather than relying on their small legs, which are extended upward as they move across surfaces. Ridges located on the upper surface of the grub’s body are covered with short, stiff hairs that assist them in moving on the surface of the grass.” Obviously the road wasn’t an issue either.

I tried to turn it right side up but it refused to show me its back. It curled up for a moment like a regular grub so I decided it had to be a grub rather than a caterpillar.

Insect June beetle grub curled

But it immediately flipped over onto its back and rapidly ‘walked’ away…Insect June beetle grub on back

I swear it’s the truth. My buggy friend, Robyn, ID’d it for me. I have not been able to find out why it walks on its back. Please help!

Remember box turtle with camel on shell? Thought I found him again!

turtle box camel cora 3

Here he is at Cora’s, on Fenwick Road, on 6/24/17, 1/2 mile from prior sighting on 6/6.

turtle box camel cora 2

So exciting to be able to recognize a box turtle!! Feeling like a very proud naturalist, I dug up the prior photos from 6/6 to show you and verify my sighting.

Turtle box camel

Here he was 6/6/17 at Greg’s, on Fenwick Road. OMG! It’s not the same turtle! How could there be 2 turtles in the world with camel patterns in same location on shell? They both have camels but the 6/24 turtle has a sun over the camel!

Turtle box camel 2

What else am I missing? Do all box turtles look alike?! Not according to a friend who reported finding a box turtle with an eagle pattern.